Brrr. Its cold out there. The baby animals are arriving. 14 baby piglets to one sow and 9 to the other. They sure found the hot boxes fast. We’re in the thick of lambing with new arrivals coming every other day. ┬áThe plant room is set up and tomatoes and leeks are sprouting. There are carrots, beets,onions, and spinach poking through in the greenhouse. We planted broccoli in the fall and are enjoying it for lunch a couple times a week. The snow has been so deep that we couldn’t harvest the corn for the pigs so we’ve been picking it by hand with our snowshoes on. Its a lot of work but at least we’re not wasting it. It was too wet to pick in the fall with the horse drawn machine. Next week we’ll be getting the sap line out to wash up and drain. Then it will be to the bush to hang them on the trees.