It has been quite the hot, dry summer here in the Lanark County region. In fact, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority declared a severe drought status for the watershed on August 15, 2016. Needless to say, the conditions have been less than stellar for growing herbs, veggies, fruit and plants… unless we are talking about greenhouse tomatoes.

This year, we opted to grow some tomato plants inside the Farm Shop’s attached Greenhouse. If you have been following our posts on Facebook, you no doubt know the greenhouse turned into quite the jungle. So much so, that the tomatoes have taken overĀ – and already we have processed jars, jars and more jars of salsa.

While the heat may have hampered some veggies normally included in ourĀ CSA and Farm Harvest Shares, the flip side is tomato lovers will be delighted in the coming weeks and throughout winter months.