Well the new year is here!! We’re enjoying the family and friends visiting. The sleigh rides went over well!

This is what we are offering this year:
1) Spring CSA $100 starts May 1st for 6 weeks. Limited # available and payment due ASAP so I know how much to grow.
2) Summer CSA $500 starts after June 15th for 16 weeks. Payment is due 1/2 March 1st and other 1/2 May 1st..
3) Fall CSA $200 starts after Oct 4th for 8 weeks. Payment is due August 1st.
Meat Share this year is 10% off a $300 order. You don’t have to pick it all up at once but needs to all be picked up before the end of the year.
We are offering  a “Farm Share” which will include meat, eggs, veggies, maple syrup, preserves etc. It will go all year and start in May 2014. If your interested please go to the farm share page and it will explain it further.
Enjoy the snow!!