May 2016 went on record as the driest since 1959 in the Eastern Ontario region. Lovers of strawberries were sorely disappointed, as many “Pick You Own” locations had to close early for the season.

In recent days, farmers across Lanark County and the surrounding Ottawa region have voiced concern with the potential for stunted or loss of crops. Bottom line, we need rain – and lots of it. Not just a downpour, but┬ádays of rain. If ever there was a year to perform rain dances, this is it!

So, while we wait for the rain to come… we wanted to share a picture of one of our CSA gardens. You will be able to see the vegetable growth is not as far along as usual and the ground is bone dry. ┬áThe flip side to the equation is the plants are growing and producing fresh veggies for our CSA families to enjoy every week. Nature is indeed amazing.